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An introduction to the Website Development team.

Frances Naty Go Lead Drupal Developer

Frances Naty Go

Frances started working for Global San Diego in 2017, taking over the website maintenance, improving existing features and building new ones. She graduated in 2008 from UC San Diego with a BS Computer Science and focused on Web Development as a career. Her expertise is in Full Stack LAMP developer specializing in developing websites using Drupal and WordPress platforms.

Frances began her own Web Development consulting business called Goldlilys Media in 2013 where she creates and builds websites for small to medium sized businesses focusing on arts & culture, life science, museums, and non-profit organizations. She also does contract work for Balboa Park Online Collaborative re-designing some of the Balboa Park museum websites. In addition to web development, Frances is friendly, open minded and loves to laugh. She loves watching animes, plays RPG games, visits random venues and museums on her spare time.

Raija Engblom Former Lead Drupal Developer

Raija Engblom

Raija has been Drupal developer for Global San Diego, Global Energy Network Initiative and World Resources Simulation Center since the summer of 2013. Raija comes from Finland and after 6 years of working in a nuclear power plant she is now curious to learn more about renewable energy. In Finland she was an expert customer support engineer well experienced in data security, hardware, internal software and user accounts. Her support between customers and senior software engineers integrated SQL database development responsibilities with a customer interface. Raija has actively volunteered with Global San Diego since the beginning of the project.

Chris Lorio Front End Developer

Chris Lorio

Chris Lorio has been a front end developer and a Drupal Developer for the World Resources Simulation Center and Global San Diego. Chris' passion for clean energy has driven him to recreate the 100% Renewable San Diego website while maintaining the World Resources Simulation Center and Global Energy Network Initiative website. He is an experienced administrator who has 7 years of correspondence and record management as well as two years of being an executive assistant in the U.S. Naval Submarine Force. He loves to explore the great outdoors and front end website development. Chris has been volunteering with Global San Diego

Advisors and Consultants

Glen Shewchuck Drupal Professional Website Developer

Doug Rowe Drupal Developer with Sage Tree Solutions

Previous Team Members

Pooja Palkar Volunteer Drupal Developer

Mike Russel Drupal Programming and Development

Amanda Singh PowerPoint and Publications Design

Kim Garcellano UX/UI Website Design

Brad Konz Drupal Developer

Ward Bones Drupal Developer

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