Global San Diego is a nonprofit organization in San Diego, California

Our mission is to connect local international organizations and the public by offering a platform to collaboratively educate, engage, and elevate the San Diego region to global recognition.


Educate - Expand global consciousness and promote international speakers and guests; educate our community on topical international issues; support international students.

Engage - Build bridges locally and globally between people and ideas; host regular member meet-ups; connect our regional resources and strengthen each other; link San Diego to other global cities.

Elevate - Bring the City of San Diego to a globally recognized level in education, innovation, commerce and culture; promote the vision of a more Global San Diego; advocate our ethos and ideals locally and globally. By fostering global understanding and participation, Global San Diego will put San Diego on the Global map, both electronically and physically, which in turn will ensure San Diego plays a vital role in the global future.

Our History

In 2012, a small group of community-oriented visionaries recognized the need to elevate San Diego to a city with a consciously international focus. They determined to work together to extend San Diego's global outreach by organizing media and marketing efforts, and by collaborating with and participating in global events that support one anothers' institutional needs.

To that end, six of the leading international non-profit organizations in San Diego joined together to launch the Global San Diego initiative to begin building a community that includes everyone who lives in and visits San Diego. By bringing diverse peoples and groups together all lives will be enriched and our community will become enriched by enhancing our capacity to care for ourselves and each other. Global San Diego celebrates the diversity of our community and welcomes people from other countries and cultures into our lives.

By fostering global awareness among San Diegans we will become active global citizens who work together towards peace, harmony, and goodwill among all people.

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