Post Event United Nations Day | Oct 24

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - 9:45am to 10:00am

Past ➡️ Present ➡️ Progress
United Nations Turns 75
October 19-23 | UN75 Instagram Takeover Series
Celebrating Local Intergenerational Leadership
In commemoration of the United Nations 75th anniversary we’re reflecting on the past, celebrating the accomplishments of the present, and looking forward to progress, toward a better and brighter future for everyone, everywhere.

In that spirit the San Diego Chapter created an innovative program - the Sustainable Development Advocates - that recognizes individuals from multiple generations that embody the values of the UN and localize the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals,

Stay tuned as they'll be taking over our Instagram @UNASanDiego
each day of the week of October 19-23.
Meet Our Sustainable Development Advocates (2020)

October 24 | UN75: United Nations Day 2020
Historic Re-Enactment of Signing of UN Charter
Celebrating intergenerational leadership req...

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