Countering Violent Extremism – Strong Cities Network

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Fri 4 Oct 2019 to Wed 9 Oct 2019

11 visitors from multiple countries will be coming to make professional connections in San Diego exploring the following specific objectives for the project outlined by the Department of State:

Facilitate systematic sharing of knowledge, expertise, and lessons learned on building social cohesion and community resilience to prevent violent extremism across cities on an international basis
Analyze and examine methods to address the underlying conditions that fuel political grievances, communal conflicts, and economic disparity within communities
Explore the role of faith-based and secular organizations, community-based efforts, and public-private partnerships to engage youth on political, social, and economic challenges
Examine leadership strategies and advocacy skills designed to influence susceptible youth
Explore successful intervention and rehabilitation programs to reintegrate disenfranchised youth and prevent radicalization
Foster and further collaboration among Strong Cities Network member cities in support of the Strong Cities Network initiative.

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