Beats Into Bridges: Celebrating Art Diplomacy

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Sat 10 Nov 2018

Save-The-Date of our Signature Event on Saturday, November 10 at the Museum of Photographic Arts, Balboa Park! We will celebrate Art Diplomacy as a way to build diplomatic bridges between the United States and other nations through music, visual and performing arts. Our keynote speaker, Clayton Powell III, will share the story of his father, Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr., who convinced U.S. leaders that jazz was the best way to intervene in the Cold War cultural conflict to share american culture, values and democracy around the world. Jazz masters as Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, and Benny Goodman dramatically influenced perceptions of the U.S. and its image of democracy while easing political tensions in the midst of critical Cold War crises. He will be accompanied by the jazz musician and composer Todd Cochran, who has collaborated among others with Herbie Hancock, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and wrote the music of the movie “Keep the Faith, Baby” about Congressman Powell’s life. We are also excited to have the contemporary artist Amira Sackett, an inspiring Muslim female hip-hop dancer, choreographer and citizen diplomat who will perform at the event with local Hip-Hop dancers and share her public diplomacy experience. Photo exhibits, delicious food, cocktail, raffle, and live auctions will be the other highlights of the evening.

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