Information for the user to direct them thru the enrollment process.

Choose a Non-Profit Level to Join

Title Price Good For Action
0-50 Employees $0.00 1 years
201 - More Employees $0.00 1 years
51-200 Employees $0.00 1 years

For Nonprofit Affiliations:

The first year of affiliation with Global San Diego is free for nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations and no credit-card information is required to join for the first year.  Beginning with the second year, fees for affiliation will be determined by organization size as follows:

Organization Size   Annual Fee
0 - 10 Employees   $150
11 - 50 Employees $300
Over 50 Employees $600

You will be notified in advance when your affiliation is due for renewal.  All free first-year memberships will expire on September 30, 2017.

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